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edenTRAP is a fanlisting collective owned by me (Aki). I have been joining countless fanlistings since early 2004 and back then I never thought of creating a fanlisting collective for them. So basically, I've already forgotten the fanlistings I've join at that time. Now, I created this site for the sake of that matter. I am currently joining some more fan listings and rejoining the ones I've already joined if I had. I used various names to join fanlistings, and now I kinda want to stick to my screen name.

The Layout

Version 7 entitled as Postcard was added on 12th November 2017, featuring the fabulous South Korean actor and singer; Lee Min Ho. For the layout, why Lee Min Ho? I don't know, I'm not really and I have no Earthly idea why I've chosen Lee Min Ho. But the one thing I am sure of is... his handsomeness. Oh my God, what am I talking about here now? XD

Actually, creating the seventh version took me at least two design tryouts before coming up with this. At first, I chose Zhao Zilong from the MOBA game Mobile Legends and sadly, I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. The content width is kind of small and Zilong has way too many colors, it's quite killing my eyes.

The creation of this layout took me nearly 5 hours from designing to coding because I've got to do some vectors and stuff for the main header. XD As usual, it was designed using the portable Adobe Photoshop CS6, and hand coded in Notepad++. The fonts I used are Playfair Display, Oswald, and Quicksand.

Previous Versions


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